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20 Watt Solar Panel Kit With 4.5 Amp Regulator

20 Watt Solar Panel Kit With 4.5 Amp Regulator
Price: $353.40
Availability: In Stock
Product Code: GP-RV-20
Brand: Go Power



Go Power! 20 watt solar charger. This high efficiency polycrystalline solar panel takes the suns rays and creates 12 volt DC power to charge your batteries. The GP-RV-20 Solar Charger will provide you with 1.2 amps of charge per hour. A 4.5 amp solar regulator is provided in the kit as well as all mounting hardware and wiring. Great for keeping your battery topped up in your RV, boat, truck, or automobile when in storage. All instructions are provided.

  • High efficiency polycrystalline solar panel
  • 4.5 amp charge controller, mounting hardware and wiring included
  • Provides 1.2 amps of charge per hour to your battery
  • Will produce a charge in overcast weather
  • 10 year panel warranty
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