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 The Battery Life Saver

Most battery rejuvenation technologies are based on the misconception…

that sulfate only forms on one set of plates, i.e. the positive plates. The truth is it forms on both the positive and negative plates. For any desulfator (a device that dissolves lead sulfate from the battery plates) to be completely effective, it must function during a charge cycle and also a discharge cycle. It has to do with the direction of the current flow.

To fully recondition the battery it has to condition with an inflow (charge) while pulsing and with an outflow (discharge) while pulsing. Most charging desulfators only operate during one direction of flow.

The BLS actually uses the battery’s own power to generate the reconditioning pulses. In this way it discharges while pulsing. To charge during pulsing it has to be connected to a charger.

There are 2 ways to restore batteries with the BLS…

1.) Use a Charger and the BLS: Connect the charger and BLS to the battery. Turn the charger on for 6 to 8 hours then disconnect or turn off the charger for the rest of the day with the BLS connected. Repeat this process until the battery is recovered. The BatterySolver Package will do this automatically.

2.) Use the battery or batteries as normal: Connect the BLS directly to the battery or batteries when installed in the system (i.e. golf cart, vehicle, battery bank), and use the system as normal. The BLS will gradually rejuvenate the batteries when the system is in use.

The Battery Life Saver electronic device is based on an entirely different technology for dissolving the
lead sulfate crystal.

This technology, we call it square wave, is also more effective and delivers more power in the pulse. This means it is faster and more thorough than other methods.

Another problem is that…

Most desulfating chargers sense the battery voltage before it starts to charge or recondition. If the battery is very discharged and the voltage is below five volts, the Vector Smart charger will not start the cycle. It will give you instead an F02 error code which tells you to get a new battery.

It does this because the pulse technology it uses for reconditioning will not rejuvenate a battery in that bad of a condition. On the other hand the BLS will rejuvenate one that has dropped to as low as four volts.
You will need an old fashioned dumb (conventional) charger to use with it, as opposed to a “smart” charger. Use the conventional charger to bring the voltage up above five volts then switch to the Vector Smart charger. Using the Vector charger once the voltage is over five volts will cut the recovery time in half compared to using the conventional charger alone.

Specific cases where you should use a battery life saver…

Use a BLS-12/24-B Battery Life Saver to recover batteries that have become useless due to lead sulfate buildup as described above.

BatterySolver Package…

If you are storing batteries seasonally, we have developed the BatterySolver Package. This package consists of 1) The Battery Life Saver electronic device BLS-12-A or BLS-12/24-B, 2) A Vector 1.5 amp onboard float charger and 3) a timer to cycle the charger on and off ever 12 hours. The charger and BLS can be mounted on a vehicle or not as needed.

This package will keep your batteries in better than new condition during the entire storage cycle.

Use our BatterySolver package…

The Battery Life Saver electronic device advantages:

  • It will work constantly to keep the sulfate cleaned off your battery plates.
  • This will extend the life of your battery by two or three time its normal life.
  • It will also reduce wear on you alternator and starter and reduce fuel consumption.
  • It will also provide more battery starter power performance.

Order The Battery Life Saver electronic device today!


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Battery Life Saver

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